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Painting for it - it's an adventure .... Artist Konstantin Lupanov

Painting for it - it's an adventure .... Artist Konstantin Lupanov

The main characters of paintings of Constantine Lupanova - friends and acquaintances. The simpler the story, says the artist, the truer picture is obtained. On the other hand, recognized Constantine, painting for it - it's an adventure. "I'm interested in the beauty of the person - spiritual and internal, as it goes in the face, the pose, the human artistry. Each person has any particular artistry, and it generally is in space ... When you start to work, the most interesting that out of it.

Lupanov Constantine was born in 1977 in Krasnodar. He graduated from Art - Industrial Academy of Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts, the class of monumental painting. For a long time engaged in commercial painting, but a few years ago began to work for the soul. Constantine Lupanova already accustomed to thinking of as many light brush ironic interpreter. In his series "Dream afternoon," the artist added a bit of mystery. Recognition of persons in the pictures is easy, but deception as images in a dream.

His creativity Lupanov as it reminds us of the value of the border states, and that, perhaps, only in them, we sometimes truth is revealed. In nature nothing exists in a pure form, all living and non-living is in constant relationship, constantly is producing something new and unprecedented. World - an endless theater transformations metamorphosis illusions. If you're afraid - not the fact that a minute later there will be funny, and vice versa. What yesterday seemed outrageous today is perceived by one of the forms of beauty. All terms and condition of conditional and relative, but perhaps the most quirky character is the concept of freedom. The author does not lead the audience by the hand along a single line of his plan, and even sets the rules of the game, it just invites you to take part in it.

Iz series "Dream afternoon"

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